Who We Are

After spending decades in the IT industry, we grew tired of using less-than-stellar recruiting agencies to secure talent. Disappointed by the service they provided, and by getting nothing but a stack of resumes out of the deal, we knew there had to be a better way. We envisioned a technical employment agency that found IT professionals who actually fit the job they applied for. The result would be a superior IT staffing experience.

Today, Talent Shelf is the realization of that vision. Instead of recruiters, we employee real IT professionals who’ve been in the industry for years. They know what it takes to succeed in various IT positions.

Additionally, we use a strict technical screening and interviewing process that guarantees the candidates we recommend are fully qualified for the job. Our clients only receive a hand-selected limited number of qualified candidates to choose from. No extra screening required. No massive stack of resumes to sort through. Just highly qualified, talented, and experienced IT contractors and professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your company with fully qualified and well vetted IT professionals without weighing you down with unnecessary resumes.

Our Promise

When you choose our services, we’ll dedicate our staff to fully understanding the requirements of your project. We also stay engaged with local talent markets so that you receive only the best of the best of qualified candidates.

Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • IT Staffing
  • Technical Recruiting

Candidates are available for:

  • Direct Hire
  • Contract Jobs
  • Temporary and Permanent placement

Our Values

We pride ourselves in providing the highest technology recruiting services available. We understand the demand placed on hiring managers and business owners, and our job is to make their job easier. We use our values to streamline IT staffing for our clients. These values include:

  • Problem Solvers

Each member of our team is carefully selected to fit our vision. That vision requires forward-thinking individuals. To us, every challenge is a solution waiting to be found. We’re that solution for the IT recruiting industry.

  • Integrable

We strive to make our IT staffing and recruitment services fully integrated with your company. We think like a member of your organization to create a harmonious flow from our services to your hiring process.

  • Focused

We know how to identify key talent. We stay focused on finding the right fit for your organization no matter how long it takes to secure that talent.

  • Adaptable

The IT recruiting industry is in constant flux. We ebb and flow with these changes by utilizing the latest recruitment strategies.

Better Staffing Solutions for The Technical Marketplace

If your IT company is ready for qualified job candidates, then we can help. As an IT employment agency headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, we work for our clients to secure the right talent, not resumes full of IT buzzwords. We’re passionate about this industry, and know exactly what questions to ask candidates to guarantee only the right ones make their way to your desk. Take your business to the next level with our IT staffing solutions.

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